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Infamous Hackers of Recent Years

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1.    Stephen Wozniak

Yes that’s right, Wozniak was once a hacker. Though not in the modern sense. It has long been known that the Apple computer co-founder was a wizard with a computer. His great mind led to the awesome Apple 1 and led to Steve Jobs becoming the phenomenon we all know.

Before making billions from computers, Wozniak, like many of us, was a student. He once bypassed the telephone system and created small devices for his friends. These devices were called blue boxes, and let his friends make long distance calls without having to pay for them!  Wozniak once used these phones to try and call the Pope, he didn’t answer.
2.    James Kosta

When James was 14 years old, he was arrested for 45 counts of technical burglary. He and a group of hackers would band together and infiltrate computer systems of massive companies like IBM, General electric and major banks. Military computers were not safe from his band of hackers.

He took a plea bargain and joined the US navy instead of serving his life in prison. He now works with the CIA and helps the tracking of murderous warlords in Africa.  At age 24 he sold his dotcom company for millions and now helps troubled youngsters find their passions.