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The Novel Differences of Non 12 Step Rehab

non 12 step rehab

Since the development of the 12 steps to recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous almost 70 years ago, the 12 step program has been the number one choice for addiction rehabilitation. The reason for this is the success rate. For a long time, it worked better than any other approach at helping addicts and alcoholics attain sobriety and maintain it. However, it does not work for everyone. Now there is non 12 step rehab available and does not include the traditional approach.

Instead, the idea is a holistic approach based on close individual counseling, healing, nutrition, exercise, meditation, and some real, powerful techniques for adjusting how we deal with our neuroses. All of this is available with many different groups around the world who formed because the 12 step program simply did not fit. In fact, it made things worse. The good news is there is a solution and recovery can still be achieved.

One would expect the success rate of some of these programs to be less than that of AA. This is not true. As a matter of fact, there are non 12 step methods which have well over 90% success rates continuing for about a decade now. That is an entirely different realm and a controversial method, but it is an example of how 12 steps is definitely not the only way.

Instead, if you get a team of professionals together in a relatively remote setting with a small group of patients, some powerful recovery from addiction can occur. By addressing every single aspect of one’s life, the patient and the team of therapists and doctors, nurses and counselors all work with you every day. This is a particularly powerful approach, as it truly focuses on the individual. Traditionally used 12 step programs, on the other hand focus on a higher power and the group.