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Benefits Of Bitumen And Chlorine

The Dead Sea’s health benefits have been praised throughout history and with good reason. The sea’s natural mineral and salt content is so high that it offers many health benefits to all who use its water and mud. For years, those struggling with arthritis or other diseases have bathed in the Dead Sea in order to help the healing process. The Dead Sea’s mud is also very healthy and contains:

•    Zinc

•    Sodium

•    Bromide

•    Magnesium

•    Calcium

•    Potassium

dead sea mud mask

•    Chlorine

•    Iodine

•    Bitumen

Bitumen and Chlorine are two of the ingredients that can be found in a dead sea mud mask that will definitely help the skin.

Many people turn to face masks in order to help calm inflamed skin. The dead sea mud mask is perfect for this. That is because it contains Bitumen. Bitumen is a natural tar. This natural tar works as an all-natural anti-inflammatory agent, making it perfect for people struggling with inflamed skin. Many of the other salts found in the dead sea also work as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Maintaining the balance of alkaline and acid in the body is very important for your overall health. It is important for your health because it determines the strength of your body. Chlorine works to maintain this balance, thus ensuring that you stay healthy and strong. Chlorine also serves another very important purpose. This purpose is playing a key part in cell metabolism. Therefore, using a dead sea mud mask ensures that your skin and its cells will stay healthy.

Zinc, Sodium, Bromide, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Iodine are also very beneficial for the health of skin and also aid with anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effects. All of the minerals and salts work together to deliver extremely healthy skin. The dead sea mud masks are perfect for anybody with skin problems.