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French UNESCO World Heritage Sites

France is full of wonders, natural and manmade. If you are thinking about moving to France, you will certainly have more than enough to keep you occupied. And with uk removals to france so cheap, why not? UK removals to France services are easy to use and will transport all of your possessions to your new home in the sun!

Today we are listing the UNESCO world heritage sites in France, so you know what to expect when you make the move!

Mont Saint Michel Castle

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This wonderful island commune in northern France is home to an amazing castle and UNESCO world heritage site. The island has been used as a strategic fortress for thousands of years, even since the roman times!

Its unique positioning has seen it defending from many enemies, including during the 100 years’ war between France and England. The castle was defended by a small group of French. They managed to turn away a complete English army! Shortly after the war, the castle was turned into a prison and grew in infamy due to its violent prisoners.

Over 3 million people visit the castle every year; it is super popular tourist attraction. If you want to avoid the crowds, head out during the quiet months.

Canal du Midi-Toulouse

This ancient canal sits in southern France. It is over 240 kilometers in length and joins the canal de Garonne to the Mediterranean ocean. The idea of connecting the Atlantic and Mediterranean had existed for generations. In 1516 the king summoned the world famous architect Leonardo Da Vinci to the area to survey the land.

It took 30 years to plan and begin construction. Throughout the building phase, the architects and engineered encountered many problems they had to deal with, including how to get the canal to flow up a hill or two!