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Glucosamine for Dogs

I love my dog, but as he has gotten older, he has struggled really badly with his movement.  He is now fourteen years old, and he struggles to jump up on my couch or my bed, which he had never had a problem with before.  It appears as though he is beginning to have some problems with his hips and joints, and being that I am not a vet myself, I decided to run a couple internet searches in order to see what I could find in regards to this particular problem, and the information that I found has been incredibly helpful for him.

What I found is that a lot of older dogs often begin to suffer from hip dysplasia.  This can be an incredibly painful experience for many dogs, and although I know my poor pup will likely not be around for a whole lot longer, I wanted to do whatever I could in order to help him to deal with the pain for the rest of his life.  That is why I was pleased to find that glucosamine supplements can be very helpful for aging dogs when their hips begin to give out on them.

Pet stores carry dog treats that also act as glucosamine supplements, but even if you do not want to go to your pet store in order to purchase some of these treats, human glucosamine supplements are also safe for dogs.  This means that if you already have some glucosamine supplements around your house, you can chop them to the correct size, stick them in a little piece of hot dog, and feed them to your dog in order to help them to recover from any of the damage that they have suffered to their hips due to old age.